TORSA’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS) for underground mining operations has high detection precision and is capable of acting over the machinery (Level 9) to avoid a possible run-over or collision.

TORSA’s high precision collision avoidance system for underground mining operations is mainly focused on covering scoops, auxiliary and light vehicles and operating personnel.

Thanks to the implementation of different technologies and its predictive algorithm, the system is capable of analyzing interactions between vehicles and people to avoid collisions and accidents.

The system is capable of alerting the machinery operator about the type, position and distance of the different vehicles, obstacles and people around.

By placing four high-precision Time of Flight (TOF) antennas on each side of the scooptram and a touchscreen in the cockpit, the system covers the entire operating area around the equipment.

The system has four detection areas and two completely customizable risk levels, both in distance and in risk level.

With the implementation of high precision TOF technology in other equipment and in the workers’ protection equipment, the system alerts in real-time of the presence of a vehicle or person in the surrounding areas.

Thanks to the centimetre precision of the system, the operator is informed about the suitability of the loading distance or if there is a risk of collision. In this way, the system dramatically reduces the risk of the scoop interactions with any other equipment, light vehicle or personnel involved.

Like all TORSA solutions, the high-precision collision avoidance system for underground operations is integrated into the TORSA Cloud environment, thus ensuring the correct interaction, operation and technical information management for all our clients.

Like all TORSA solutions, the high precision collision avoidance system for shovels is integrated into the TORSA Cloud environment, thus ensuring the correct interaction, operation and technical information management for all our clients.

TORSA colabora estrechamente con el Consejo Internacional de Minería y Metales (ICMM) donde la compañía está involucrada en el Programa de Innovación para Vehículos más seguros y sin emisiones (ICSV), donde se agrupan 27 de las empresas lideres mundiales en la explotación minera y suministro de tecnología para colaborar en un espacio no competitivo con el objetivo de acelerar el desarrollo de una nueva generación de tecnología y vehículos mineros.

TORSA collaborates actively with the International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) where the company is involved in the Innovation for Cleaner Safer Vehicles (ICSV) Program, which brings together 27 of the world’s leading mining companies and technologies suppliers to collaborate in a non-competitive space in order to accelerate the development of a new generation of mining vehicles.

TORSA’s CAS for underground is designed to perform at Control Levels 7, 8 and 9 according to the safety requirements based on the ICSV program by ICMM following the EMESRT (The Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table).

Integrated technologies

The system has been equipped with the latest technologies to guarantee effective protection:

  • Time of Flight (TOF) with high precision
  • Radiofrequency (just for V2V)
  • Network communications interface
  • Level 9 – Intervention control over the machinery

TORSA has implemented the CAN Bus communication protocol in its hardware so that in addition to being able to read telemetry data from the vehicle and send it to the management platform, it can act on the operation and manoeuvrability of the scoop or machinery.

Ejemplo: when a person is operating the scoop with a remote control system and the TORSA’s CAS implemented in the scoop detects another person or if they are too close to the operator (in the high risk area), the system will also intervene (via the CAN Bus) on the scoop brakes to avoid a possible collision.

Technical features

  • Centimetre level precision
  • Time of flight (TOF) of high precision
  • CAN Bus connection protocol
  • Telemetry data from the machinery (hour meter, engine, levels, etc.)
  • Level 9 intervention control over the machinery
  • Protection of scoops, drillers and any other heavy equipment in underground operations
  • Personnel non-invasive tags for the personnel