When comparing it to conventional screens, the IFE banana screen can handle an up to three times higher specific feed rate and are best used when there is an increased feed rate or when the capacity must be very high. IFE banana screens are used for material with a high content of fines and comes either as a single or a double-deck design. Our IFE banana screens are commonly used in the mining, coal, and sand and gravel industries, as well as iron and steel, works.

Besides the normal banana screen, IFE also offers a heavy-duty screen frame, which is designed for yearlong service in the harshest of conditions. For this screen, only the most robust and torsion-resistant frames are used, which then form the basic construction of the screen.

The IFE exciter drives, which we produce in-house, feature maximized lifetime of the bearings. Due to our decades of experience in designing, the screen results, as well as maximized efficiency, have been optimized. The screen can be accelerated up to 6g and still boast bearing lifetimes of 100,000 hours or more. Highest reliability, even in harsh conditions, is the proven result.