The Aluminium Non-Sparking Lockout Hasp from Cirlock is your ultimate solution for enhancing safety in lockout procedures. Designed to facilitate multi-person lockout scenarios, this hasp is a vital component of any robust safety system, and is a crucial addition to Cirlock’s existing range of steel hasps.


Multi-Person Lockout: Enable multiple workers to isolate an energy source effectively by accommodating several padlocks on the hasp. This ensures comprehensive lockout, preventing operation until all padlocks are removed.

Versatile Application: Works seamlessly with Lockout Devices to secure energy sources. When used with tags and lockout devices, it integrates efficiently into safety lockout programs.

Variety of Sizes: Available in different sizes and materials, offering flexibility to isolate any energy source required. Choose the appropriate size for your specific application.

Colour-Coded Padlocks: Enhance safety and clarity by using colour-coded padlocks, allowing easy identification of responsible engineers. Coloured padlocks are also available from Cirlock for added convenience.

Non-Sparking Aluminium: Crafted from aluminium with a red vinyl coating, ensuring durability and safety. The non-sparking feature adds an extra layer of protection in sensitive environments.

Multiple Padlock Holes: Equipped with six padlock holes, accommodating padlocks with up to 8mm shackle diameter, providing ample locking options.

Product Specifications:

Material: Aluminium with Red Vinyl Coating

Jaw Sizes: 25mm and 38mm

Padlock Holes: 6

Maximum Shackle Diameter: 8mm

Available Packaging Options:

Hang Pack of 1

Box of 25 Hang Packs

Bulk Pack of 100

Order your Aluminium Non-Sparking Lockout Hasps today and enhance safety in your workplace. Ensure compliance with safety regulations and protect your personnel from potential hazards. Don’t compromise on safety – choose Cirlock for reliable lockout solutions.