The advanced non-nuclear Alia Density Meter (ADM) for slurries offers close to real-time data for optimising production while eliminating the costs of special certifications and disposal of the hazardous materials from nuclear meters.

Advantages of the Alia Density Meter include:

  • Non-nuclear density measurement, no more extra costs, no more hassle
  • A simple, reliable, and robust product
  • Easy installation with no need for external commissioning engineers
  • An immediate signal, showing actual values
  • Measurement of all materials such as sand, metals, rocks, freshwater, saltwater and gases without any problems
  • Easy integration with existing systems and software

The meter’s design is as straightforward as possible: an in-line density meter that is robust and exceptionally easy to install and use. The design makes use of Newton’s second law of gravity to determine the mass of the slurry, while the volume is a known factor in the meter. This means that the output data is immediate and accurate regardless of pipe diameter or slurry composition.

In order to yield accurate results, all non-gravitational forces working on the device are mitigated. In particular, to overcome arduous process conditions, for example, a dredger rolling on ocean waves, or pipes vibrating under high pressure pumps, an accelerometer is implemented, which can calculate and neutralise any interfering forces simultaneously.

Meters are available in many sizes, starting at 3in (80mm) up to sizes over 40in (1,000mm) The meters are inline devices and therefore every meter is made exactly to your inside pipe diameter.