The Martin® compact dust collector can be installed above a conveyor transfer to capture airborne dust and collect particles in its foam filter. The cleaner’s reverse pulse returns dust to main cargo stream.
Benefits of the Martin Air Cleaner include:

  • The improved filters perform better, last longer and consume less energy than conventional ones
  • The smaller filters collect matter effectively, with less air movement and reduced energy costs
  • The unit is compact, allowing it to be fitted in areas with restricted space
  • The reverse pulse cleans filters; replacement of compact filter elements is a one-hand, no-tool procedure performed from the clean side of the collector
  • Eliminates many of the problems with central “baghouse” collection systems, including long ducting runs, large enclosures, high-power consumption and difficult maintenance
  • It comes in standard version or a version suitable for use with explosive materials in hazardous locations
  • Can be used as a stand-alone dust collector system or to supplement existing central systems