Whatever fluid that may spill and in any location, Prenco has an absorbent product that can be used to control, contain and clean-up that fluid.

Hydrocarbons – oils, fuels, solvents, paints
Chemicals – acids, caustics, pesticides, herbicides, mercury
Biohazards – blood, vomit, urine, faeces, bacterial cultures
General fluids – water-based liquids, paints, coolants, wastewater, sullage, foodstuffs

Prenco’s wide range of absorbents include:

  • Loose absorbent particles and sweeps
  • Biodegradable and bio-active absorbents
  • Non-flammable, inert minerals
  • Bioremediation absorbents
  • Absorbent booms, pads and pillows
  • Chemical neutraliser absorbents
  • Chemical binders
  • BioHazard (body fluids) absorbents
  • Marine spill absorbents and booms

Prenco recommends the use of loose particle absorbent sweeps as the best solution for spill clean-up. When placed around a spill, these particles can act as a containment barrier to stop the spread of the fluid and take up gaps in the surface that booms often cannot seal. The loose absorbent can then be swept over the spill at brooms length, thereby keeping the responder as far away from the fluid as possible and to increase the safety factor.

Loose particle absorbents can also provide a ‘blanket effect over the fluid, to suppress vapours and odours. Finally, some of these types of absorbents can provide landfill disposal advantages when used on hydrocarbon spills and tested to certain EPA criteria.

Not sure which absorbent is best for your application? Visit Prenco’s Absorbent Selector for a useful guide chart.