Windfall Geotek has identified high priority gold exploration targets on Quebec Precious Metals’ (QPM) Sakami gold mine using its CARDS Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, as part of a contract worth C$125,000 ($93,618).

Located in the James Bay area of Quebec, the gold mine covers an area of 131km2. It lies 90km northwest of the Newmont Corporation’s Éléonore gold mine.

Windfall Geotek president and CEO Michel Fontaine said: “The AI approach combines geological expertise, all available terrane and geophysical data and uses proven algorithms to predict the location of highly ranked exploration targets.

“It validates the target areas where QPM is currently performing a 25,000m drilling campaign.”

The gold mine lies within the central part of the Superior Geological Province. It is 23km along the contact between sediments and volcanics between La Grande and Opinaca sub-provinces.

Windfall Geotek owns 568,181 shares of QPM.

Windfall Geotek said in a statement: “To maximise shareholder return, Windfall Geotek participates in projects where its CARDS AI software platform has identified high potential targets. This is in the form revenue from services plus financial assets acquisition.

“With over 86 projects delivered successfully over the last 15 years, Windfall Geotek is a leader in mineral exploration using AI.”

Based in Canada, Windfall Geotek is an exploration and services firm using AI with an extensive portfolio of gold, copper and zinc projects in Quebec. QPM is a Canadian gold exploration firm holding land position in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory in Quebec, near Éléonore gold mine.

Sakami is the company’s flagship asset which is known to host significant gold grades.