Vienna is the leading global city when it comes to environmentally friendly business practices, according to a survey by Solopress. The Austrian capital finishes ahead of Stockholm in second and Copenhagen in third. Boston, in sixth, is the leading non-European city out of the 50 analysed for the ranking.

Key to Vienna's success are its impressive air quality and an extensive cycling infrastructure. Edinburgh, in fourth position, is the leading UK city in the ranking. It scored well on cycling routes and the number of B corporations present in the country in which it is located (B corporations are classified as companies that meet certain social and environmental responsibilities set by B Lab).

Lagging at the bottom of the list of 50 cities is Marseille in France. It had the highest pollution score and the worst air quality among analysed cities. Los Angeles and Barcelona also struggled, with the former having the second-worst pollution score, and the US more generally scoring poorly in the sustainable development rankings. Barcelona suffers from high pollution levels and a lack of cycling routes.