Precious stones exploration company Shefa Yamim has completed upgrades at its gemstone operational site in Akko, Israel, to help boost its processing capacity.

Improvements are expected to increase the company’s processing capacity from 30t a day to 50t.

The company has ordered three new pumps and two new plants to be incorporated in the scrubber.

With the addition of new pumps, the company can maximise the volume of water entering the machine.

Upgrades to scrubber will help reduce the time taken to wash material gathered from the bulk sample, in addition to increasing productivity.

Shefa Yamim CEO Avi Taub said: “Shefa Yamim used the proceeds of the funds raised at the initial public offering (IPO) to implement significant upgrades across all its operations.

“The changes have allowed us to automate some of the functions we were previously doing manually, making us more efficient and ensuring that we advance the Kishon Mid-Reach project in a timely fashion.”

“The changes have allowed us to automate some of the functions we were previously doing manually.”

The company has also installed a new upgraded jigging system which can separate fractions of gravel at 8mm-25mm.

Shefa Yamim already has another jigging system at its operational site for fractions 0mm-8mm.

Capable of operating simultaneously, the jigging lines can sift bulk sampling automatically to produce concentrate with more specific dimensions, enabling the pickers to search the fraction for gemstones visually rather than manually.

Through the upgrade, the company is expected to achieve savings in terms of both time and costs, while also increasing efficiency.

Kishon Mid-Reach is an advanced exploration project and the target is 4.5km-long and around 150m-wide.