Israeli exploration and development company Shefa Gems has completed the excavation of four new bulk samples and one mini bulk sample from target gravel horizons in the Kishon Mid-Reach Zone 2.

Until now, a total of 30 bulk and mini bulk samples and an approximate 6,094t (tonnes) of gravel have been collected from the Kishon Mid Reach Zone 2.

With the extraction of the additional bulk samples, BS-1252, BS-1253, BS-1254, BS-1255 and BS-1256, exploration activity will be concluded at Zone 2.

The new collected samples, weighing 2,255t, have been transported for treatment and analysis at the company’s operational site in Akko.

The exploration campaign for this year was carried out following encouraging results from a bulk sampling programme that completed in June 2018.

The new samples were excavated from a targeted area of the 2018 campaign where 26 drill holes were drilled, each with a diameter of 70cm, yielding 58.37t of gravel and producing an approximate 105.65ca (carats) of the target mineral assemblage (TMA).

The TMA suite includes gemstones sapphire and carmel sapphire.

Shefa Gems non-executive director James Campbell said: “Whilst results from these new bulk samples will not be known for some time, the results from the bulk samples from Zone 2 treated so far are highly prospective for Natural Moisannite.

“Natural Moisannite was valued by an independent gemologist at US$10,000 per carat till 4mm not cut and forms part of our unique Gem Box Suite present at Kishon Mid-Reach.

“The strong level of interest and commercial potential of our gemstones has been further evidenced by the successful launch of the ‘Heaven on Earth’ jewellery collection, created by world-renowned jewellery designer, Yossi Harari, which include gemstones such as Natural Moissanite and Carmel Sapphire.”

Post completion of the analysis at the Akko site, Shefa Gems will apply for a prospecting license, bringing Zone 2 to the same level as that of Zone 1, thereby increasing its deposit base.

Besides its focus on the exploration activities, Shefa Gems will concentrate on all the regulatory procedures required to obtain a mining license for Zone 1, allowing the company to begin trial mining next year and to commence generating revenue.