South Australian mining company WPG Resources has officially opened the Tarcoola gold mine located approximately 3km from the town its named after.

WPG Resources announced last month that a decision to mine has been taken. It also commenced the project development immediately.

Before starting the project development, the company secured approval of the project's Programme for Environment Protection and Rehabilitation (PEPR); it also paid $72,000 for significant environmental benefit vegetation clearance offset account and lodgement, and registered the mine closure rehabilitation bond of $1.76m.

Following this, the company awarded all contracts and mobilised all the necessary equipment to the site.

"The company expects that the first ore from Tarcoola will betransported to Challenger within the coming weeks."

WPG Resources also refurbished the Tarcoola Hospital and finalised the ancillary infrastructure. The hospital will be used to accommodate its staff and contractors, who were deployed at the site in the following week.

The Tarcoola mine is located near to its Challenger gold project. WPG Resources will process the accumulated ore at the Challenger to restrict the operational costs.

The company expects that the first ore from Tarcoola will betransported to Challenger within the coming weeks.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, WPG Resources focuses on exploration, evaluation and development of gold and coal projects in South Australia.

Image: Tarcoola gold mine opening. Photo: courtesy of WPG Resources.