Diamond mining company Trans Hex has announced plans to axe 125 jobs at its ageing Lower Orange River operations in Northern Cape, South Africa.

The latest move comes as the company switches to a reduced operational cycle at its LOR operations consisting of the Baken and Bloeddrif mines.

As part of these plans, Trans Hex has concluded an agreement with the National Union of Mineworkers to change the production shift system at both mines.

"Trans Hex aims to extend the life-of-mine of each operation for as long as possible."

The change forms part of the company’s strategy to responsibly managing assets in the final years of their economic lifecycles by optimising mining and treatment volumes together.

Trans Hex aims to extend the life-of-mine of each operation for as long as possible.

The LOR operations will change from a four-shift system to a three-shift system.

In addition, the company plans to adjust overburden stripping rates and the volumes of gravel mined and treated in order to ensure a sustainable model for each mine.

The restructuring programme is expected to cost R47m, including severance payments.

Trans Hex also operates the Somiluana mine located 1,000km north-east of Luanda in the diamond-rich province of Lunda Norte in Angola.

The company owns a 33% stake in the mine, while Endiama holds a 39% stake and the balance of shares is collectively held by three local companies.