Russian potash producing company Uralkali has started construction of permanent power supply facilities at the Ust-Yayva mine.

The company plans to invest RUR1.9bn ($29m) in the project, which will involve the building of three electrical substations in Raketa, Obogatitel, and Stroganovskaya.

The company will upgrade the existing Sibir substation, which currently supplies electricity to Berezniki-3 plant.

Stroganovskaya is expected to become the main electrical station with voltage of 220kV once complete, and Raketa, Obogatitel, and Siberia will each be connected to it with 110kV voltage.

The underground complex of the Ust-Yayva mine will receive electricity from the Raketa substation, while the Obogatitel substation will supply the mine’s ground-level complex.

Uralkali expects the permanent power supply system at the mine to be launched in 2017.

A new mine with two shafts would be constructed at the Verkhnekamskoye deposit as part of the Ust-Yayvinsky block development.

"The company plans to invest $29m in the project."

The mine is set to produce its first ore in 2020.

Uralkali will transport the first ore from Ust-Yayva to the Berezniki-3 plant through a 6.3km conveyer belt.

The company said it is investing around $1.2bn in the Ust-Yayva project.

The reserves of the Ust-Yayvinsky block comprise 1.3 billlion tonnes of sylvinite ore, which will provide 30-35 years of steady operation mine life.

Uralkali’s assets comprise five mines and seven ore-treatment mills situated in the towns of Berezniki and Solikamsk (Perm Region, Russia).

Image: Uralkali will construct three electrical substations at the mine. Photo: courtesy of Uralkali.