Australia’s RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has signed an agreement to acquire simulation software from US-based FlexSim Software Products.

Designed to model processes, the software comprises decision support capabilities that enable users to test all options to understand the best combination of operational characteristics.

Under the agreement, RPM will acquire the exclusive right to rebrand, commercialise and further develop the simulation software code.

It will later be used within the mining industry, which includes oil sands, aggregates and original equipment manufacturers and advisors serving the sector.

"This acquisition supports both our enterprise and simulation software strategies."

In February 2014, the collaboration between the two companies began, with FlexSim’s software engine being incorporated into RPM’s haulage simulation product, know as haulsim.

With haulism, users can model complex mine haulage systems properly in an interactive visual 3D environment to identify and remove operational bottlenecks.

Following the acquisition, RPM will be able to extend the haulsim desktop product and develop an enterprise version of the product.

The simulation engine will also be embedded into the next release of RPM’s ultra short-term mine execution system Xecute, which was recently released.

Using Xecute, mine planners will be able to watch a complete simulation of their plan in the system’s 4D interactive viewer.

RPM CEO and managing director Richard Mathews said: "This acquisition supports both our enterprise and simulation software strategies.

"There is no doubt that our products are becoming more competitive and that our focus on moving technical mining products off the desktop and up into the enterprise is bearing fruit."