Australia-based RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has launched the new mining financial modelling software, XERAS Enterprise 1.2.

The programme includes detailed analysis of changes between versions of mine plans, and value driver analysis.

XERAS Enterprise 1.2 features the new reviewer mode that includes sensitivity analysis and plan version comparison using a graphical bridge/waterfall diagram visualisation.

"With analysis comes continuous improvement, which is imperative in today’s market."

By using this, customers get visibility into the key value drivers of their business and also experience increased visibility of data coupled with the ability to make changes to underlying assumptions.

XERAS Enterprise product manager Darren Rostron said: "With analysis comes continuous improvement, which is imperative in today’s market.

"Such rapid and simple evaluation of financial plans is what makes XERAS Enterprise unique, providing the next level of visibility, consistency and control in budgeting and reforecasting for our clients."

XERAS Enterprise provides complete financial visibility across the entire mine planning process.

Mine managers, finance departments and CFOs can use this software to track inputs and outputs across sites.

The solution uses streamlined processes to provide consolidated budgets, plan, and view a projected future of the total financial position of the mining business.