Australian mining firm Roy Hill is taking steps to bolster its business analytics processes through collaborating with IT consulting and services provider Ajilon.

Ajilon’s business analytics platform is built on Microsoft Azure.

This platform will enable Roy Hill to gain insights into its operations due to quick processing, amplifying and visualising of information.

The IT firm states that its business analytics platform offers a secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution that allows business users to access supply chain information, augmented with external data sources, to draw real-time insights.

Ajilon solutions and industry director Peter Hawkins said: “We are very proud what we have delivered for the client, as with any leading-edge solution it was not all easy, but due to the collaborative nature of the partnership, we have been able to deliver a fantastic outcome and a first in Australia.”

"The Azure-based business analytics platform has proven capable of processing vast amounts of big data."

Ajilon national analytics lead Jeremy Dennis said: “The Azure-based business analytics platform has proven capable of processing vast amounts of data [big data], streaming analytics [IoT], as well as visual analytics, data science and model management, all from a single technology stack.”

Analysing significant amounts of data allows specialists to identify opportunities to optimise and transform operational process, leading to production improvements and reduction in costs.

This platform can hand large volumes of data in real-time, allowing data scientists and engineers to generate visualisation tools, develop predictive algorithms, and combine disparate information sources to discover value.

By utilising IoT technology, the platform can stream near real-time sensor data from mobile assets that enables quick process analysis and efficiencies.

Image: Roy Hill mine. Photo: courtesy of Roy Hill.