Queensland Government has rejected Glencore Xstrata’s $20bn proposed bauxite mine plan in Cape York, Queensland.

The company, along with a group of land owners, planned to develop the mine, which is believed to have rich bauxite deposits but sensitive environmental aspects and heritage issues are causing concerns.

Queensland Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney was reported by The Australian as saying that the proposal has been rejected because it would take too long to deliver and may not benefit the local indigenous communities.

"After carefully considering the proposals, the government is not satisfied that either bid from Australian Indigenous Resources or Glencore International AG could deliver in a timely manner what the government had hoped for," said Seeney.

Mining has been a vital element of the Regional Planning Interests Bill, which aims to protect agricultural, environmental and living areas that are considered important, so as to progress responsible resource projects.

Seeney introduced the bill to parliament in late 2013. During the process of reviewing the bill, stakeholders submitted their concerns to the parliamentary committee.

In 2013, Seeney noted that the bauxite resource development would help create a better future for the community.

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