Codelco’s Chuquicamata copper division has resumed operations following deadly storms that hit northern Chile and forced the company to halt operations.

Due to heavy rains, the copper-mining company initially evacuated workers from Chuquicamata and suspended operations at its Rodomiro Tomic temporarily due to poor visibility and slippery roads.

According to the company, given the risk posed by the rain for workers in job, Chuquicamata’s operations were suspended.

“The weather improved during yesterday afternoon all divisions resumed their operation.”

Codelco said in a statement: “After checking, the weather improved during yesterday afternoon all divisions resumed their operation.

“It is recalled that the Minister Hales Salvador divisions and are affected by the mobilisation of the Confederation of Copper Workers (CTC), which keeps making the first deposit for 20 days and the arrest of some lines in the case of the second.”

The company partnered with Komatsu, ordered the clearing of the roads that were blocked by landslides that occurred in Tocopilla.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate aid to localities that have been stricken by the storm, Codelco will continue to coordinate with local authorities.

At its Gabriela Mistral division also, the company planned to transport workers to the town of Calama as conditions were forecast to worsen.

The company said it will constantly monitor the situation in all its divisions to implement the precautionary measures.