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Mechel has deployed new mining excavators at Yakutugol Holding Company’s Neryungrinsky open-pit project in Russia. 

The acquisition of two open-pit excavators amounts to RUR1.2bn ($20m).

The company has introduced a heavy-duty EKG-18 open-pit excavator with an 18m³ scoop capacity at the mine.

The other excavator is scheduled to enter operations next month.

Equipment produced by Urals Machine-Building Plant will be used for overburden mining at the open-pit on round-the-clock basis.

These excavators are designed to carry out mining activities at projects even when operating in harsh geological and climatic conditions.

Mechel said that the excavators have proved their effectiveness in mining heavy-textured rocky soil.

Mechel chief executive officer Oleg Korzhov said: “Our cooperation with Urals Machine-Building Plant serves as confirmation of the efficiency of Russia’s import substitution programme.

“The experience we have had with EKG excavators at our coal open-pits in Yakutia and Kuzbass proves that the new machines are reliable, highly productive and comfortable for their crew.

"Mechel said that the excavators have proved their effectiveness in mining heavy-textured rocky soil."

“Also, by buying Russian-produced equipment, we save not only on cost, but also on the delivery time for the equipment and its spare parts.”

These excavators also feature information management and microprocessor-based control systems for better control on mining activities.

They are also equipped with fault detection systems and automatic protection of mechanisms and joints.

Under the Neryungrinsky open pit’s technical upgrade programme, two additional excavators with a 10m³ scoop capacity will be acquired this year.

Image: Mechel launches new mining equipment at Neryungrinsky Coal mine. Photo: courtesy of Mechel.