MacDonald Mines Exploration has started an exploration programme at its Charlevoix Silica Property, nearly 42km from Baie-Saint-Paul in Quebec, Canada.

Charlevoix Silica Property is understood to contain quartzite sequences that feature multiple quartzite outcroppings.

MacDonald Mines Exploration states that the property may host an extension of Rogue’s Silicon Ridge high-purity quartzite horizons.

The exploration programme will procure sample and describe the quartzite units on the property, when exposed. The programme will help gain an understanding of the property's chemical and geometrical attributes.

MacDonald president and CEO Quentin Yarie said: “MacDonald Mines is focused on safe-jurisdiction, infrastructure-rich projects. The Charlevoix Property is located in an environment proven to host high-purity silica resources. It is close to roads and infrastructure, and represents a great potential to increase shareholder value.

“The Sitec mine, only 15km away, has been operating for over 50 years and Rogue’s Silicon Ridge Project is adjacent to our property.

"We anticipate that the quartzite units of the Charlevoix Silica Property, interpreted to be part of the same regional quartz unit, will be similar to the high-purity quartzite units found at the Sitec mine and those defined by Rogue.”

"The Charlevoix Property is located in an environment proven to host high-purity silica resources."

Charlevoix Silica Property and Rogue's Silicon Ridge Project exhibit similar attributes. A large quartzite unit is situated along the Sitec mine, Rogue’s Silicon Ridge Project and the Charlevoix Silica Property.

The Silicon Ridge Project, located within 15km from the Charlevoix Silica Property, hosts a measured and indicated resource of 9.7Mt at 98.6% SiO2 and an inferred resource of 1.6Mt at 98.56% SiO2.

Quartzite contains minimal impurities with high silica content. Silica produced from quartzite is used as a component in the production of semiconductors, LCD displays, fuse quartz tubing, microelectronics, solar silicon applications and Silicon-Anode lithium batteries.

Based in Toronto, MacDonald Mines Exploration is a mineral exploration company that focuses on copper and zinc projects.

Recently, it acquired the Charlevoix Silica Property in Quebec and has entered a joint venture agreement with Noble Mineral Exploration to explore Wawa-Holdsworth Gold and Silver Project in Ontario.

Image: Charlevoix Silica Property location. Photo: courtesy of MacDonald Mines Exploration.