The Lyon County board of commissioners has voted four-to-one in favour of Comstock Mining’s application for a master plan amendment and zone change in Silver City facilities.

The application requested changing 32.34 acres designated as suburban residential land-use to resource land-use and changing approximately 54.86 acres to a rural residential land-use designation.

The initial application met with strong opposition and had been denied by the planning commission in a five-to-one vote last month.

Comstock Mining testified that the request is to move forward with mineral exploration and potential mining of the area, however, the application does not allow for mining at this time and a special permit would be required for this.

Comstock Mining provided a concession of reducing the acreage in the area of the Dayton Mill and west of Highway 341, which reportedly reduces the view shed of proposed mining.

Silver City advisory board chairman Erich Obermayer said that the board of commissioners recommended that the application be denied.

Opponents provided the board with the other land uses besides mining, which could be considered if the application was approved. They also addressed environmental concerns such as air quality, noise, water quality and reclamation, as the area is in the Carson River Superfund Site.

After four and a half hours of discussion the board of commissioners approved Comstock Mining’s master plan amendment, with the dissenting vote being cast by Commissioner Arellano.