The Konyak Union (KU) will impose ban on coal mining in the Mon district of Nagaland, until the Department of Geology and Mining enforces a systematic and safe method of extraction.

Effect from October this year, all coal operators would be banned from extracting coal, the union said.

The ban would be intimated to the Department of Geology and Mining and the district administration for co-operation and implementation.

Between 2008 and 2009, the department had issued coal mining licences to a large number of firms and individuals for coal extraction in the Mon district, including Tiru, Naganimora and Tizit.

Under the memorandum of understanding, the coalmine operators had agreed to re-fill all excavated areas, but had done so, leaving the mine sites exposed and posing a serious danger to lives.

The KU called for the Department of Geology and Mining to stop issuing or renewing coal mine licences in the Mon district until the affected areas are made safe.

The union also requested that officials from the district administration and the department conduct site visits of the excavated areas.

According to the Central Geological Programming Board, Nagaland has coal resources of about 293.47 million tonnes, but shows no concern for the environmental impact and dangers that disorganised mineral exploitation is causing.