Komatsu Australia has unveiled its new 980E-4 electric-drive haul truck for mining operations.  

The truck has a payload capacity of 362t and is powered by a Komatsu SSDA18V170 Tier 2 engine, which provides a speed of 64km/h in combination with GE Mining’s dual IGBT electric drive system.

Komatsu Australia mining national product manager Scott Harrington said: “The 980E-4 is based on the proven high-quality Komatsu design that will deliver exceptional productivity and outstanding availability over the whole life of the asset, to provide our customers with the lowest cost per tonnage haulage option.

“In addition to the its fuel-efficient engine and Invertex II AC control group, the 980E-4 features multiple disc oil cooled (wet disc) brake design, Payload Meter 4 and frame castings in high-stress areas, continuing Komatsu’s unsurpassed life and structural integrity of the main chassis.”

The truck can be used to transport iron ore, coal and other resources that require bulk material movement.

"The 980E-4 features multiple disc oil-cooled wet disc brake design, Payload Meter 4 and frame castings in high-stress areas."

Komatsu America designed and developed the 980E-4 at its Peoria operation in Illinois for global customers.

Major component changes for the truck include larger wheel motors, GDY108C, which can accommodate the 44in rims and include various gearing and bearing designs.

The 980E-4 is 8m-high and weighs more than 625t when loaded. It incorporates maintenance-friendly functions such as removable power module and simple hydraulic designs, removable pump sub frame and oil-cooled multiple disc brakes. It can also be integrated with management systems such as Modular Mining’s Dispatch and MineCare products.

Komatsu said that the first commercial fleet of the new 980E-4 has started delivery at an international mining operation with an initial fleet size of more than 30 units planned to be delivered this year.

Image: Komatsu Australia’s new 980E-4 electric-drive haul truck. Photo: courtesy of Komatsu Australia.