Morocco’s National Committee for Environmental Impact Studies (CNEIE) has approved the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for Kasbah Resources’ Achmmach tin project.

Kasbah Resources chief operating officer Mike Kitney said the approval clears the way to finalise applications for water and land access for the project’s operational requirements and to obtain a mining concession.

"The ESIA approval also satisfies a key investment criterion for our joint venture partners and investors in the Achmmach tin project," Kitney said.

The company can now finalise the environmental monitoring and management plan for submission to the CNEIE as part of the final permitting process.

The Moroccan Government agency, the Bureau des Recherches et de Participations Minières, discovered the Achmmach tin project in 1985.

Situated on the western edge of the El Hajeb province in Northern Morocco, the project features two exploitation permits that cover an aggregate area of about 32km².

Kasbah said it started site operations in 2007 in order to upgrade, expand and increase the confidence in the Achmmach resource through additional diamond drilling.

The company then planned to advance the project through a scoping study, a pre-feasibility study, a definitive feasibility study and full project development.

Kasbah delivered the PFS to the market between 2011 and 2012, and started a definitive feasibility study on the project.

The company also owns the Bou El Jaj project, which is a significant tin target about 15km from the Achmmach project.

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