GE Mining has launched a suite of technologies to improve performance, reliability, safety and operations in mines.

Digital Mine will allow intelligent, real-time monitoring across the mine, leading to data-driven decisions to improve equipment reliability, as well as optimise operations and save costs.

GE Mining vice-president and CEO Scott Phillips said: “Mining, as an industry, faces strong headwinds and must drive productivity and improve operational savings.

“Mining faces strong headwinds and must drive productivity and improve operational savings.”

“Digital Mine, through advanced sensor technology and analytics, seizes the industry’s untapped data to help make a difference.”

The open, Cloud-based operating platform features GE’s Predix, which is a purpose-built platform-as-a-service (PaaS), which can capture and analyse volume, speed and variety of machine data derived across the industry.

Predix enables Digital Mine to deliver interconnected technology to enhance efficiency and performance.

GE’s condition-monitoring capabilities collect information such as vibration data, temperature and pressure to inform mine operators of machine health, which helps in detection of failures before they occur.

Data derived from disparate systems links insights across machines and processes, which results in improved predictions and decreases the likelihood of accidents.

In addition, GE Mining provides customised solutions such as its 400t Wheel Motor, which is being used by Komatsu on its new 980E-4 mining haul truck.

The drive system of the electric wheel has improved the haul truck performance, while reducing operating costs.