Diamcor Mining has recovered a 43.9ct gem-quality diamond in the 10.8+ carat category at its Krone-Endora in Venetia project in South Africa.

The recovery of special diamond has been incidental to the on-going commissioning and testing exercises being performed at the project.

The rough stone has been delivered to tendering facilities for initial evaluation and to prepare it for sale at upcoming tender.

The special diamond is expected to be one of the higher value rough diamonds recovered from the project to date, according to the company.

The testing exercises and incidental recovery related to special diamond at the project will not form part of the initial NI43-101 technical report filed by the company on 30 July, 2009.

Diamcor noted that no general grade, price or quality determination is intended by the company at this time, due to the nature and purpose of the processing of this material.

Diamcor acquired the Krone-Endora from De Beers Consolidated Mines in February 2011, including prospecting rights over the farms Krone 104 and Endora 66, which represent a combined surface area of around 5,888ha directly adjacent to De Beers’ Venetia Diamond Mine.

Diamcor is involved in the identification, acquisition and operation of diamond projects with near-term production potential such as the Krone-Endora at Venetia project.

The company has also established a long-term strategic alliance and first right of refusal with Tiffany Canada, a subsidiary of New York-based Tiffany, to buy future production of rough diamonds from the Krone-Endora.

Image: Diamcor 43.9ct gem-quality diamond. Photo: courtesy of Diamcor Mining Inc.