Diamond mining company De Beers has selected Indian-based IT services company HCL Technologies to transform its IT infrastructure.

Under the contract, the HCL will offer IT infrastructure solutions, including data centre operations, a multi-lingual service desks, LAN management and security services, via the company’s Enterprise of Future (EoF) offering.

HCL will be responsible for managing eight data centers across five regions, providing service management, including tools, desk side support and project support.

The project includes offshore diamond mining vessels along the Namibian coastline and Snap Lake mine in Canada, which is remotely located and accessible through ice roads in winter.

"De Beers will be able to reduce operating costs, improve processes and SLA-driven services, according to HCL." 

HCL Technologies EMEA infrastructure services division executive vice-president and head Ashish Gupta said: "This deal marks HCL’s continued expansion in emerging markets like South Africa and many locations across Africa, Latin America and Asia.

"It further strengthens HCL’s presence in the mining vertical."

The agreement facilitates De Beers’ operations in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, the UK and across the world.

De Beers Group CIO Craig Charlton said: "Where we have previously had several service providers in each local region, this agreement affords us more comprehensive management of our underlying IT environment and enables us to run a more industrialised infrastructure service that underpins our broader IT strategy."

With this contract, De Beers will be able to reduce operating costs, improve processes and SLA-driven services, according to HCL.

The company will also benefit from integration with the Anglo American environment, advanced IT frameworks and processes such as HCL’s EoF, cloud-based service management tool, Service Now, and migration to cloud-based email service and Microsoft Office 365.

HCL already is already providing IT Infrastructure management service to Anglo American, which is majority-owned by De Beers.