Botswana Diamonds has completed the initial, planned fieldworks at its joint venture (JV) prospecting licence, PL 117/2011, in the Orapa region.

The 2.9km² PL 117/2011 area was identified as the highest level priority target under the JV that Botswana Diamonds operates with Russian diamond firm, Alrosa.

Both companies have carried out magnetic, electromagnetic and geochemical surveys on the ground.

The geochemical samples are being shipped to the Alrosa laboratory in St Petersburg, Russia, for mineralogical analysis and the interpretation and modelling of the geophysical fieldwork is on-going.

"We shall hopefully locate the new drill targets, which we shall drill in short order."

Botswana Diamonds drilled PL 177/2011 in collaboration with De Beers between 2004 and 2007, and identified the diamondiferous kimberlite pipe, AK10, on the ground.

The company’s current work programme will re-evaluate the potential of the ground and possibly drill successfully to augment the existing resource.

Botswana said that the correct indicator minerals were discovered during the current phase of work, as had been expected.

The outcome of the analysis work in St Petersburg is anticipated to be produced within the coming two months, which will give the JV clear drill targets.

The JV will implement a drill programme after analysing the results.

Botswana Diamonds chairman John Teeling said the company identified licence PL117 as a key target.

"We have done the initial ground work with our Russian partners; the samples are on their way to Russia and applying Alrosa’s in-house analytical capabilities, we shall hopefully locate the new drill targets, which we shall drill in short order," Teeling said.

"Additionally, we await the formal awarding of the new prospective licences, which we remain confident will be successfully applied for with the Department of Mines in Botswana. These areas, which have been identified as top-priority targets by the joint venture, will also be worked under a continued, joint work programme."

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