US-based mineral exploration company Boart Longyear has launched a new underground coring rig with advanced mobility.

The new MDR700 rig uses the company’s underground exploration technology LM 700 feed frame and offers wide drilling angles, quick setup, easy operation and maintenance, as well as engineered safety controls.

The safety controls include a dual emergency braking system, as well as an engine fire suppression system to enable it to meet advanced underground mine standards.

The MDR700 rig can be easily set-up and enables drilling at 270° both horizontally and vertically, featuring articulations with three turning points.

The maintenance-friendly layout of the rig provides easy access for hydraulic servicing, and can be easily moved from hole to hole with a diesel-powered four-wheel drive carrier.

"The MDR700 rig can be easily set-up and enables drilling at 270° both horizontally and vertically."

Powered by a 90kW electric motor, the MDR700 rig is easy to navigate, has the capacity to move at up to 10km/h and is integrated with multiple cameras for improved visibility and safety.

Coupled with the HQ rotation unit, the rig also features a breakout system on the rotation unit that uses high-pressure oil and gear rack assistance to break rod joints.

The DCi provides semi-automation and a fully electronic interface, and is a substantial step for increased safety on-site by moving the driller away from moving parts and hydraulic hoses.

Boart Longyear will debut the new MDR700 at DrillFest 2015, which runs at Perth’s Ascot Raceway until 22 October.

Image: The Boart Longyear MDR700 underground coring rig offers wide drilling angles. Photo: courtesy of Boart Longyear