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Canada-based control solutions provider Blutip Power Technologies has implemented its advanced universal controller (AUC) solution on mine dozers operating in an oil sands mining application in Alberta.

The company said it released the latest development after achieving fuel savings with its AUCs on haul trucks and hydraulic excavators.

Blutip Power Technologies global sales and marketing vice-president Peter Carter said: "Blutip is very excited to release the dozer solution, this addition to our portfolio broadens our value proposition across our customers heavy mining equipment fleets and supports customers to achieve larger fuel savings.

"We are committed to assisting mining corporations improve efficiency and reduce fuel costs across all their equipment fleets."

According to the company, AUCs provide engine remapping that cuts fuel consumption.

"AUCs provide engine remapping that cuts fuel consumption."

Simultaneously, they have the capability to maintain power output of the engine and other functionality of the original equipment provider’s electronic control unit.

Mining operations can use the AUCs to improve dozer fuel efficiency and can minimise their carbon footprint, while reducing particulate matter emissions.

Blutip’s AUCs also provide data analytic tools that include engine loading time distributions, integrated global positioning system data.

The tools include the capability to provide insights to capture value from fuel saving opportunities.

The new solution saves fuel, reduces emissions, provides valuable data analytics for fleets and allows customers to improve their operational efficiency by operations.

Image: Mining operations can use the AUCs to improve dozer fuel efficiency. Photo: courtesy of Victor Habbick/