Coal haul

Australia-based freight operator Aurizon has signed a new contract with Syntech Resources for the rail haulage of coal from the Cameby Downs mine to the Port of Brisbane.

The mine is located in south-east Queensland, 360km north-west of Brisbane, and is connected to the Port of Brisbane by the south-west rail corridor.

Under the two-year agreement, Aurizon will haul up to 1.7 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of coal, starting on 1 February 2016. It also includes the option for an extension of another two years.

The latest deal replaces an existing agreement that started in 2011 between the companies for haulage of 1.4Mtpa of coal from Cameby Downs. This contract expires at the end of this month.

"Under the two-year agreement, Aurizon will haul up to 1.7 million tonnes per annum of coal."

Aurizon commercial and marketing executive vice-president Mauro Neves said: "We have worked closely with Syntech Resources to deliver an agreement that provides operational flexibility and the opportunity to share in productivity enhancements and improvements in market conditions."

Thermal coal producer Syntech Resources, which operates the Cameby Downs coal mine, was acquired by Yancoal Australia for $222m in August 2011.

Following the acquisition, the mine and surrounding and regional tenements, are 100%-owned by Yancoal Australia’s major shareholder Yanzhou Coal Mining.

The open-cut mine produces a low ash export thermal coal and has port allocation through the Queensland bulk handling facility in Brisbane.

Image: Aurizon will haul up to 1.7Mtpa of coal from the Cameby Downs mine. Photo: courtesy of Aurizon Holdings Limited.