Ten workers are killed and 40 missing in two separate coal mine accidents in China.

A gas outburst at a coal mine on Wednesday in Guizhou Province of China killed 10 people while five others were injured, according to Xinhua.

56 others working at the mine have reached to surface safely, and the authorities are carrying out rescue operation at the site. It is not clear whether any more workers are trapped under the mine.

The accident occurred at the coal mine in Louxia Township of Pu’an County.

In another accident, a landslide that occurred at a mining community in central China during midnight buried Shaanxi Wuzhou Mining Company’s dormitories and homes, trapping 40 people under the debris.

The landslide buried 15 dormitories belonging to the mining company along with three homes in Shanyang with about one million cubic metres of mud.

14 people had been rescued, according to officials.

Rocks continued to roll down mountain slopes at the site and more than 700 rescuers were sent to the place.

BBC quoted the provincial government of Shaanxi saying on its website that people in the area surrounding the landslide had been evacuated.

Firefighters used sniffer dogs to search for possible survivors and heavy machinery to remove debris.

Chinese President Xi Jinping as well as Premier Li Keqiang ordered all-out rescue efforts in addition to check for any potential dangers, AP said.

Shaanxi Wuzhou mines vanadium which is used in steel alloys.