IDM Mining has received approval from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to continue work at its Red Mountain Underground Gold Project.

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna said that with regards to the 2012 Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the proposed project may go ahead as it may not have a negative impact on the local environment.

The 17,125ha underground gold-silver mine project is wholly-owned by IDM and is located 15km northeast of Stewart, British Columbia.

As part of the Environmental Assessment Decision Statement IDM is required to fulfil more than 120 conditions for the duration of the mine’s life, which are aimed at minimising or eliminating the potential effects of the project on the environment.

They include measures for the protection of fish and fish habitat, migratory birds, species at risk, human health, physical and cultural heritage, among others.

The Province of British Columbia issued an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the project to IDM on 5 October last year, under the BC Environmental Assessment Act.

Following the positive statement, the Red Mountain Underground Gold Project will now proceed to the regulatory phase.

During this phase, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Natural Resources Canada will consider their respective permitting and regulatory decisions.

“The proposed project may go ahead as it may not have a negative impact on the local environment.”

Furthermore, the project is subject to requirements under a contract known as the Nisga’a Final Agreement, which has been signed by the governments of Canada, British Columbia and the Nisga’a First Nation.

Recently, Ascot Resources signed a definitive arrangement agreement to acquire all outstanding common shares of IDM.

Upon completion, the transaction would result in the consolidation of Ascot’s Premier Gold project and IDM’s Red Mountain Project.