Mineral exploration firm Japan Gold and its partner Barrick Gold are moving forward with exploration activities in the Kitami Region in north-east Hokkaido, Japan.

The latest move comes as part of the two companies’ joint efforts to explore the country’s gold mining potential.

Barrick Gold and Japan Gold announced their alliance in February.

Under the joint venture, the two companies completed bulk leach extractable gold (BLEG) and rock chip sampling over eight of the 14 Barrick Alliance projects in the Southern Kyushu Epithermal Gold Province within the Hokusatsu region.

Last month, Japan Gold and Barrick Gold began regional scale geophysical-gravity surveys in the Hokusatsu region. Barrick Alliance’s field teams also relocated from southern Kyushu province to north-east Hokkaido.

Barrick Gold is currently advancing the exploration work at the Sanru project, which is Japan Gold’s biggest project.

Sanru covers a 25km-long strike length on the prospective Omu-Kamikawa trend in Japan’s major epithermal gold province Hokkaido.

Within the Kitami region, Japan Gold has nine projects with applications and prospecting rights covering 737km² of prospective ground within the region.

Eight of these projects are included as part of the Barrick Alliance.

Japan Gold currently holds a total portfolio of 30 projects in the country.

Barrick has committed to solely fund an initial evaluation phase of 28 out of 30 projects that Japan Gold holds in the country.

In May, Japan Gold and Barrick Gold announced plans to jointly explore and develop certain gold mineral properties and mining projects in Japan.