Australian mining technology solutions company Auxilium has partnered with mobile satellite communications provider Inmarsat to provide smart mining solutions, such as industrial internet of things (IIoT) and communications services, for mining firms.

The partnership will allow Auxilium to deploy Inmarsat’s satellite connectivity in its IIoT solutions offered to mining companies.

“This partnership brings real-time, mine-based communications and automation to Australian mining companies and other sectors.”

The deployment will enable mining businesses to access IIoT and communications services and eliminates the need for investment in building a terrestrial communications infrastructure to connect their mining operations.

Auxilium Systems chairman Nathan Mitchell said: “This partnership between Inmarsat and Auxilium Systems brings the ability to improve our capabilities in delivering real-time, mine-based communications and automation to Australian mining companies and other sectors.

“This will lead to further improvements in efficiencies and real-time decision making that will continue to see Australian mining at the forefront of technological advances and further demonstrates Auxilium Systems’ ability to provide industry-leading solutions to our current and future clients.”

The company, which is engaged in manufacturing advanced mining equipment, technology and services, is focused on offering reliable connectivity to operate remote mines.

Clients in the Australian mining industry will now have access to Inmarsat’s L-band satellite network, which is suitable for remote monitoring and automation applications.

According to Inmarsat, the partnership will allow mining businesses to achieve operational efficiency and enhanced profitability, even if the mines are located at remote sites.

Inmarsat Enterprise Mining director Joe Carr said: “Working with Auxilium is going to enable us to deliver solutions on a managed services model, reducing up-front investment and strain on capital expenditure budgets.”