At least three people were killed and several more were injured in an accident that occurred at Russian company Norilsk Nickel’s (Nornickel) Taimyrsky mine.

The company said that studies conducted on selected air in the mine did not show excessive limits of toxic or harmful substances.

Furthermore, Nornickel noted that the tragedy is not connected with mining and geological conditions or technological processes.

Based on preliminary data, it was found that workers suffocated due to insufficient oxygen.

Nornickel said in a statement: “We condole to all those who have lost relatives, friends and colleagues. At the moment, all necessary measures are being taken to find out the causes of the accident.

“The costs of burial of the dead, including the costs of removing the bodies of the dead, travel of family members to the burial place and vice versa, will be paid at the expense of the company.”

Nornickel Polar Division director Nikolai Utkin said that the company will provide additional material support from the division to the families of the victims.

The mine where the accident took place is now functioning as usual.

Nornickel is partly owned by Russian businessman Vladimir Potanin and aluminium giant Rusal, which produces platinum and copper in the country.

Taimyrsky nickel and copper mine is one of the company’s main mines in Siberia and contains mixed ores.

In June, an accident at a copper and cobalt mine killed 43 illegal miners. The mine is owned by Glencore and is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.