• Longer Life for Tyres

    Dr Gareth Evans looks at the new retreading market opening up as a result of and a remedy for the great tyre shortage.

  • The Supply-Chain Train

    Australia's mining industry is increasingly waking up to the importance of rail when having to meet international demand. David Binning takes a look at one project in Goonyella that is...

  • The Uranium Extraction Challenge

    Australia has the uranium to be the world's top producer, but does it have the technology to get it out of the ground? David Binning investigates.

  • The Takeover Battle: Mining Mergers Explored

    When Rio Tinto's recent takeover of Alcan was completed, it created the largest aluminium producer in the world. But will it be enough to save the company from acquisition attempts...

  • The Real Deal

    Wi-Fi tagging and tracking is leading the revolution in an industry where safety and efficiency are essential. Dr Gareth Evans looks at the latest real-time technologies to enhance the mining...

  • China Rising

    China's presence as a powerful economy demands huge energy resources and therefore extensive investment in mining. Dr Gareth Evans explores how government plans, new technologies and collaboration with countries such...

  • No Rubber Left to Burn

    Rubber supplies have dwindled and tyre prices have risen considerably, but could retreading be the answer? David Binning investigates what companies in Australia are doing to overcome the great tyre...

  • Training A Future Workforce

    Australia's mining industry is growing in more ways than one. Jeff Durham explores the new skills that are entering the mining workforce and what the industry is doing to ensure...

  • Thinking Big

    High efficiency, increased productivity and big profits – large-capacity mining machines offer all this and more. Paul French discovers why, in the mining industry, size really matters.


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