Issue 16

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The energy sector is no stranger to risk as companies deal with dwindling resources, remote exploration, volatile markets and political crises. In this issue we find out why strategic risk management is becoming more important than ever.

We also ask how South Africa’s troubled industry can find its way out of the current crisis, report on the future of Zimbabwe’s mining industry and look at some of the industry’s most important rail links that are currently in development.

Moreover, we speak to the developers of the portable hybrid diesel-thermal power plant, investigate the controversy surrounding ironsand mining in South Taranaki, and profile the world’s biggest gold mines.

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In this issue

Managing Risk in Mining
Margins are thin and mining sites are becoming more and more remote, making ‘strategic’ risk management more important than ever.
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South Africa’s Strategic Move
Reduced commodity prices, labour wage wars and shaking investor confidence have all left South Africa’s mining industry in jeopardy. How can this once burgeoning industry flourish again?
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Mining in Zimbabwe
Signs of a thawing in the international stance towards Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe has brought hope that the tide might be turning for the country’s mining industry.
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Vital Links
Rail infrastructure is often crucial for mining operations to become effective and economically viable. We round up some of the industry’s biggest and most important rail links.
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The Ironsand Debate
South Taranaki’s controversial ironsand mining project is making progress after the submission of official applications to explore. MINE looks at how it could impact the economy, tourism and the environment.
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Portable Power
Shorty Ryan is currently developing the world’s first transportable hybrid diesel-thermal power plant for the mining industry. We find out more about the plant pitched to reduce diesel costs by up to 60%.
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World’s Biggest Gold Mines
Indonesia has one and South Africa boasts two. Here is our list of the world’s ten biggest gold mines based on contained gold reserves.
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Cloud Break Iron Ore Mine, Australia
The Cloud Break iron ore mine is located in Pilbara, Western Australia. The mine, which began production in 2008, produces nearly 38Mtpa of iron ore.
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Next issue preview

While most of the Australian mining industry is playing it safe, a growing number of firms are casting their eyes to the country’s less explored regions. In the next issue of MINE, we ask if a renewed focus on exploration could spark another Australian mining boom whether now is the right time to explore.

We also take a look at the potential of Myanmar’s mining sector, ask what makes Kenya an attractive target for investors and speak to Ivanhoe Mines chairman, Robert Friedland, about his vision of a new ‘Platinum Valley’ in South Africa.

Moreover, we investigate the current and future outlook for bauxite, look at today’s most promising eco-friendly mining technologies and profile the top ten gold producing countries in the world.

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