Schauenburg Systems, a technology and solutions provider for the mining and industrial industries, has won two awards in the 2024 Mining Technology Excellence Awards in the Innovation and Environmental categories.

The Mining Technology Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. The programme provides a platform to recognise the people and companies that are driving change.

While the Innovation Award for recognises the company’s SmartConnex system, a multifunctional gas detector that revolutionises hazard detection and response in the mining and industrial industries, the Environmental award recognises the company’s dedicated environmental initiatives, including significant carbon footprint reduction, renewable energy adoption, and active participation in reforestation and recycling programmes.

Combining safety with advanced connectivity: A closer look at SmartConnex’s capabilities

The SmartConnex system by Schauenburg Systems ensures the safety and connectivity of workers in the mining and industrial sectors. The state-of-the-art gas detector is much more than a safety device; it is an integrated solution designed to foster a connected, informed, and protected workforce.

SmartConnex is equipped with four gas measurement ports, capable of detecting multiple hazardous gases simultaneously, which is crucial for ensuring workers’ safety in environments where they may be exposed to a variety of toxic substances. The device’s advanced communication technologies, including GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and LTE, facilitate real-time monitoring and the swift dissemination of critical information, enhancing the ability to respond quickly to potential dangers.

The Android operating system ensures a familiar and intuitive user interface, while the 3.5” colour capacitive touch screen offers clear visibility and ease of navigation through various applications and safety checklists. The robust 5000-5500mAh rechargeable battery, coupled with inductive wireless charging, guarantees that the device remains operational throughout the workday without the need for frequent recharging.

The central hub for worker safety

SmartConnex’s direct backend integration is a pivotal feature, allowing for seamless data transfer and analytics, which can be used to enhance safety protocols and operational efficiency. Serving as a portable gateway for nearby wearables and other third-party devices, SmartConnex is at the heart of a connected worker ecosystem, enabling devices to communicate and share data, thereby creating a comprehensive safety network.

Connected Worker Ecosystem-Schauenburg Systems

The inclusion of an accelerometer, capable of detecting both high and low G forces, along with a temperature sensor, expands the device’s monitoring capabilities beyond gas detection. This allows for the assessment of other potential risks, such as falls or extreme temperature exposure. The device also includes visual and audible alarms, RGB LEDs, a loudspeaker, a microphone, and a vibration motor to alert workers to dangers through multiple sensory channels.

Beyond traditional gas detection

SmartConnex’s multifunctional design is SANS 1515 and ICASA compliant, adhering to stringent safety standards. Its 8GB storage capacity and three input buttons facilitate the storage and easy access to critical data and applications. The device also serves as a vital tool for voice note communication, enabling workers to quickly share important updates and collaborate effectively in response to incidents.

By integrating data from SmartConnex with smart wearables and other devices, Schauenburg Systems has created a truly customer-centric technology that not only enhances worker safety, but also contributes to operational efficiency.

The SmartConnex system is a testament to Schauenburg’s dedication to innovation that prioritises the well-being of employees, while also considering cost savings and environmental impact.

Environmental excellence: Leading the way to a sustainable future

Schauenburg Systems ESG

Schauenburg Systems’ multifaceted approach to reducing their carbon footprint and embracing renewable energy is aligned with international sustainability goals.

The company’s proactive measures include calculating and offsetting carbon emissions, with over 1,000 tons of scope 1 and 2 emissions neutralised through Credible Carbon. Their investment in solar projects, such as the one at Buhle Farmers’ Academy, not only supports renewable energy, but also contributes to food security and job creation.

The installation of solar PV systems across their branch offices demonstrates Schauenburg’s dedication to energy independence and resilience against power shortages. Furthermore, their partnership with Greenpop to plant 960 trees in the Western Cape reflects a deep understanding of the importance of reforestation and ecosystem restoration.

Schauenburg’s comprehensive 2023 Sustainability Report, encompassing ESG initiatives, showcases transparent reporting and a clear strategy for continued improvement. Their efforts in waste management, adoption of a circular economy, and commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035 illustrate a company that is not just talking about sustainability but actively integrating it into every facet of their operations.

The strong commitment to sustainable practices is reflected in the company achieving a high compliance level with the ICMM’s Mining Principles, particularly excelling in environmental policy, GHG emissions reduction, and resource efficiency as verified by Pro Optima Audit Services. With a total ESG score of 59 and an average category score of 2.88 in environmental factors, Schauenburg Systems achieved close to the highest score of 3.0.

Company Profile

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Schauenburg (Pty) Ltd, t/a Schauenburg Systems is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with branches all over South Africa. It is part of the Schauenburg International Group, a strategic family equity investor headquartered in Germany.

Schauenburg Systems provides technology solutions for enhanced safety and productivity in mining and industrial markets. By pooling vast internal engineering expertise and access to external competence, it lives up to its brand promise of “Innovation that Saves”. It has positioned itself as an active partner for digital transformation like for the upcoming requirements of the “Connected Worker”.

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Head of Corporate Communication, Facilities Management and Sustainability,

Tel: 011 974-0006