GroundProbe won two awards in the 2024 Mining Technology Excellence Awards in the Safety and Social categories for its initiatives in Australia and Latin America.

The Mining Technology Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. Powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData, the program provides a platform to recognize the people and companies that are driving change.

While GroundProbe Australia was awarded for its innovative integration of a safety application, significantly enhancing the safety and monitoring of technicians on hazardous travel routes, GroundProbe Latin America was recognized with the Social award for its LATAM STEM Education Program, for providing equitable STEM education and fostering long-term community development in mining regions.

Enhancing remote safety: Life360 integration by GroundProbe Australia

GroundProbe Life 360

GroundProbe Australia’s strategic implementation of the Life360 safety application has significantly improved safety monitoring for technicians navigating treacherous terrains between remote mining sites. The innovative adaptation of a consumer application within a corporate framework has significantly mitigated risks on routes such as the Peak Downs Highway. The initiative, which involved meticulous collaboration across various departments, was tailored to meet GroundProbe’s unique operational needs while upholding the privacy of its employees.

The initiative has successfully enhanced the safety of technicians, with a notable reduction in emergency response times and a marked improvement in adherence to safety protocols. GroundProbe’s proactive approach to employee well-being, facilitated by real-time location tracking and support, has fostered a cultural shift towards safety and accountability. This shift has not only bolstered worker confidence but has also led to enhanced performance across the board.

GroundProbe Australia has also implemented several safety initiatives, including the provision of first aid kits for emergencies and portable umbrella shades to protect against extreme weather conditions.

First aid kits: Equipping technicians for emergencies

GroundProbe mining safety

Aiming to improve the health and safety of its workforce, GroundProbe Australia took the initiative to provide comprehensive first aid kits, thoughtfully equipped with over 100 components such as smart bandages, sunscreen, and essential protective items. At just 1.25kg, these kits offer practical portability and quick access to medical supplies, thereby enhancing the safety and preparedness of GroundProbe’s technicians.

Developing these kits was a collaborative effort, with valuable insights from field technicians who face these dangers firsthand. Their feedback was instrumental in customizing the kits to meet real-world demands. The initiative has empowered technicians with increased safety and self-reliance, thereby boosting morale and reinforcing GroundProbe’s proactive stance on workplace safety and health compliance.

Portable umbrella shades: Combating harsh environmental conditions

GroundProbe surveyors

GroundProbe Australia’s development of a lightweight, portable umbrella shade has significantly enhanced the safety equipment used in mining operations. Designed for swift deployment in critical monitoring areas, the solution provides protection against the harsh sun and extreme heat prevalent in mining environments.

The collaborative decision-making process, enriched by field technician input, has culminated in a practical and highly valued solution. The deployment of the umbrella shade has substantially reduced the risks associated with skin cancer and heat exhaustion, thereby safeguarding the health of technicians and improving the quality of operational tasks and service delivery.

Empowering communities through STEM education

GroundProbe Latin America’s LATAM STEM Education Program, in partnership with Orica and STEM Punks®, is a significant corporate social responsibility initiative. Funded with AU$300,000 over three years through the Orica Impact Fund, the comprehensive program has made significant inroads in enhancing STEM education for over 10,000 students in rural and underserved mining communities, emphasising gender diversity and sustainable community impact.

The program’s curriculum, developed by STEM Punks®, is tailored to local cultural contexts and includes interactive learning experiences that are both engaging and relevant. By training local educators and involving community leaders, the collaboration has ensured the program’s sustainability and long-term impact on the communities it serves.

The outcomes of the LATAM STEM Education Program extend far beyond the classroom. They instill a culture of learning and innovation within the communities and bolster GroundProbe’s reputation as a socially responsible entity. The program’s strategic investment in education, focus on inclusivity, and commitment to sustainable educational frameworks have set a new standard for corporate involvement in community development.

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