Concrete Actiflo® Clarifiers for Precipitation and Separation of Heavy Metals in Tailings Water

The Cochenour Wilanour property is located about 8km from the Red Lake Mine. In the past, water was batch treated for arsenic contamination and this was achieved through the addition of ferric sulphate to ponds of standing water within the tailings. The mine was being managed as a zero discharge site while plans for a water treatment facility were being developed to meet or exceed environmental requirements for closure.

To improve upon the application of ferric sulphate direct to the ponds Goldcorp had decided that high rate liquid / solids separation utilising established chemistries be adopted. With only a very small area available in an existing building it was decided that 2 x 4,000m³/d concrete Actiflo® clarifers would be installed for the precipitation and separation of arsenic and other heavy metals out of the tailings water. The Actiflo® water clarifcation technology relies on microsand to significantly increase the settling velocity of particles. This results in outstanding process performance and very small equipment footprint.

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