PPE Releases A Guide to Earthing Modern Plant Electrical and Control Systems

Over the past two decades there have been rapid developments in semiconductor and microprocessor technologies, leading to ever smaller and innovate solutions for industrial and commercial control systems. New plants are installed with multi-level control networks and modern field instrument connections, which vary from the traditional analogue signals using twisted pair screened cable, to multi drop digital bus connections direct to numerous field devices.

Existing plants are being modernised with the same highly evolved control system platforms. All too often new plants and retrofit control systems experience costly problems soon after start up and such problems are manifest as mystery component failures, unpredictable network interruptions and in some cases field instrument signals "freezing up" or drifting unpredictably. In our experience the majority of these problems can be related back to an oversight in the design and installation of the earthing system, or it is assumed that the old or existing earthing system is adequate.

For more inoformation please download this free white paper.

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