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Seasonal measures for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) 2021-2022

For the 2021-22 BMSB risk season, BMSB seasonal measures will apply to targeted goods manufactured and shipped from target risk countries, that have been shipped between 1 September 2021 and 30 April 2022 (inclusive), and to vessels that berth, load, or tranship from target risk countries within the same period.

Target high-risk goods subject to mandatory offshore treatment that arrive untreated or treated by an unapproved treatment provider in a target risk country, will be directed for export on arrival. Goods shipped in iso-tanks and as bulk-in-holds of cargo vessels are not subject to the measures.

Freightplus can provide full offshore DAWR biosecurity compliance on all used machinery shipments to Australia, including BMSB risk management.

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