Innovative Radar for Monitoring Slope Movements in Mines

Applications continuously measure (24x7) mine wall movements with submillimetric accuracy at long distances (up to 4km).


  • Continuously measure (24x7) mine wall movements with submillimetric accuracy at long distances (up to 4km).
  • Provide reliable early warning for progressive slope movements that potentially lead to failures of mine walls.
  • Map the long term evolution of slow moving slopes.


  • Safety improvements for both personnel and equipment.
  • Reduced production delays due to slope instability.
  • A better knowledge of the rock mass strength through long term monitoring.
  • Limited use of personnel needed to operate the radar thanks to the long working range.
  • The large area coverage provides a broad picture of the pit walls.
  • Simultaneous tracking of fast and slow movements through long term acquisitions.
  • Reduced service disruption due to a highly robust construction and a limited number of moving parts.
  • Fast alarm generation time thanks to high spatial resolution and fast scan time.
  • Low false alarm rate thanks to the innovative radar technology.
  • Add-on solutions from basic to premium configurations.
  • Full suite of support packages: professional training, installation services, customer support plans.

Optional intergrated container:

The integrated container for the IBIS-FM system offers a unique all-in-one solution, as well as extra protection against unexpected weather events and theft attempts.

  • Fully integrated and self-powered.
  • Rugged solution for harsh environments.
  • Easy to relocate (forklift, bottom skids, truck).
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Optional processing workstation for on-site radar data availability.

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