IBIS Dispatch – Smart Integrated Platform Delivering Real-Time IBIS Radar Alarm Information

IBIS Dispatch allows despatch operators to make critical and timely decisions, without interfering with radar data. This advanced software platform provides despatch operators with all the alarm state information coming from IBIS units without the need to deal directly with radar data, or interfere with IBIS Guardian projects.

IBIS Dispatch replicates in real time any kind of alarm information relative to slope movements and radar system status, constantly verifying the continuity in data transmission at every level.

Fully integrated solution for:

  • Unrivalled flexibility: collection in a single interface of alarms generated by several IBIS Guardian projects (single pit and FPM), even from multiple pits operations
  • Multi site situation awareness: centralisation of information for corporate or central offices, collecting alarm data generated at different mine sites

To find out more, download this free white paper.

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