FPM360 Full Pit Monitoring: Expanded Frontiers of Slope Monitoring Radar

The FPM360 monitoring solution covers the entire pit, providing full image information on slope stability.


IDS steps progressively ahead into a new dimension with the FPM360 slope monitoring radar system, providing 360 degree pit wall coverage.

Based on the unrivalled long range, high resolution and fast scan capabilities typical of IBIS-FM, the FPM360 system is tailored to the specific design of each mine.

  • Multiple radar units are integrated, controlled and interfaced using a single advanced software suite.
  • With 360 degree coverage of the pit slopes in real time, geotechnical engineers will be equipped with a universal image of the entire pit, providing exhaustive information about potential areas of instability.
  • The FPM360 is a valuable tool designed to assist with the improvement of mine safety and productivity standards.

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