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Eagle-Vision Camera: A Magnifying Glass On Mine Slope Instability

The Eagle-Vision camera is a unique solution on the mining market featuring high image resolution, panoramic coverage and photo-geocoding capabilities all in a single integrated system.

The Eagle-Vision camera is able to capture panoramic photos of the entire pit while keeping a bench-scale resolution at a range of thousands of meters from the slope, providing effective visual information on mine wall stability in support of geotechnical investigations.

Eagle-Vision Camera Benefits

Designed specifically for mining applications: The Eagle-Vision camera has been developed to guarantee top-end performance, reliability and durability in the harshest mining environments.

High performance: The Eagle-Vision camera system delivers superior bench-scale image details combined with broad coverage for capturing the entire panorama of the pit walls. The camera features a high-resolution image sensor for the ultimate combination of image performance and clarity.

Software integration: The Eagle-Vision camera is fully integrated into the IBIS slope monitoring radar analysis software for easy and immediate user interaction. Panoramic photos can be navigated and zoomed, and visual information can be directly linked to the digital terrain model of the pit to support the analysis of radar data.

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