McLellan Bolt Buster Spec Sheet

As we all know, the sledge hammer and battering ram are a thing of the past. Mill downtime and worker's compensation injuries can be drastically reduced by using McLellan's Bolt Buster.

This white paper gives you a detailed technical specification sheet of McLellan's Bolt Buster system and includes a large email image depicting the device.

McLellan, founded in 1965, is a San Francisco-based company that manufactures products for the mining industry, including a full line of grinding mill re-line equipment.

In 1970, McLellan designed the first mill liner handler and has been known as a leader in the mining industry ever since. Our off-highway support equipment includes heavy fuel lube trucks, water trucks, fuel trucks, combination fuel and lube trucks.

Please download this free white paper from McLellan to find out more.

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