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MCOR’s Novolac Resins Protect Surfaces from Corrosive Chemical Environments

Novolac resins protect surfaces in concentrated chemical environments.

The easy-to-use resins are applied to surfaces of equipment and machinery to offer sustained protection against abrasive, corrosive environments.

The solid coating can be build-up in thickness and retains a glass-like sheen and excellent surface tolerances, providing great bond strength. Added with UV stabilisers, the material is often sought for secondary chemical containment. It works well for most concentrate chemicals as both primary and secondary lining of acids, bleaches, solvents, hydrocarbons.

mCoat IM Plus will:

  • Resist chemical attack
  • Protect the environment from spills
  • Provide a 100% solid, high-build coating and liner

Download the free white paper to read more about MCOR's novolac resins.

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