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Watson-Marlow Bredel SPX hose pumps

Watson-Marlow Bredel SPX hose pumps easily pump abrasive fluids like tailings, metal slurries and thickener underflow. Due to the high solids content of these slurries other types of pumps fail because the product comes in contact with the rotors, stators, impellersand seals of the pump. In a Watson-Marlow Bredel hose pump, the hose never fails due to abrasion!

In the mining industry, water is money and the less you use the better! Flushing pump seals and diluting thickened slurries is incredibly costly to a mine because the water added has to be removed or treated. Watson-Marlow Bredel hose pumps have no seals to flush and the ability to pump thickened slurries up to concentrates of 80% solids. The cost savings over centrifugal slurry pumps is staggering and it is just one of the benefits when a mine switches to Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps.

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